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A sure sign that it’s time to get a brake inspection is if your car is wobbling or pulsating when you brake at highway speeds. That wobbling or pulsating sensation is a possible indicator that your brake rotors are warped or worn. Over time, the pressure of the brake calipers pressing into the brake rotors can lead to heat spots and grooves which damage brake rotors. Another cause of damage can come from brake pads wearing too thin. When this happens, the metal of the brake pads scrapes against the metal of the brake rotors.


When it comes to replacing brake rotors, every car is different, dependent on manufacturer standards and driver habits. The need for brake rotor replacement or resurfacing is best determined with an inspection and review of manufacturer standards. 

If you’re wondering when to replace brake rotors, come to Lube Motors. Our expert will perform a free brake check and inspect the health of your brake rotors. If brake rotors have significant wear or are warped, they can be resurfaced or replaced.

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