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A cooling system fluid exchange is a critical aspect of preventive car maintenance and vehicle safety (two things we care very much about at Lube Motors.

So what is a cooling system fluid exchange? Sounds complicated, but it’s not.


Your cooling system operates by circulating a mix of H2o and coolant through your vehicle’s engine. Over a decent period of time, the coolant mix will become polluted with scale and rust, which may block or deteriorate your cooling system’s parts. Our cooling system fluid exchange begins with inspecting your radiator and engine cooling system. Then, an old antifreeze/coolant is exchanged from your cooling system and replaced with a new antifreeze/coolant as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Frequent antifreeze/coolant fluid exchanges

Frequent antifreeze/coolant fluid exchanges at Lube Motors can prevent overheating, freezing, and premature cooling-system corrosion. In general, it is best practice to replace the coolant every 65,000 kilometers.

Drop by Lube Motors for your next coolant exchange and we’ll have you driving in and driving on in no time! To fully revamp your transmission, Lube Motors technicians will remove your old automatic transmission filter and fluid including all other fluids in your vehicle’s transmission system, then replace them with a new transmission filter, adding fluid to the proper level.

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