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Automatic Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s battery is the power source that many essential vehicle functions depend on – like your starter and ignition. Are you traveling long distances for a road trip? Are you traveling in harsh conditions for a winter getaway? Don’t get stranded! Instead, get peace of mind in a Lube Motors! Put your vehicle’s battery to the test with the Lube Motors battery diagnostic service. Our technicians are equipped to thoroughly inspect and test your vehicle battery functionality. We like to give good news, but if not we are ready and equipped to recommend the best battery for the job. If your battery is more than 3 years old, it’s a good idea to have it tested to create peace of mind. Check out our full services listing to see if we offer battery replacement.

Image this—you’re ready to get on the road, so you jump in your vehicle and turn your key in the ignition. Then, you hit a roadblock before you even get out of the driveway; your car is chugging and struggling with no progress.

While this is a more common occurrence in the winter, if a dead battery has stopped you in your tracks, don’t worry! We’re ready to go the extra mile by inspecting and testing the charging system for your current battery and replacing it (if necessary). Our Lube Motors technicians will identify the optimal battery for the job and complete the battery replacement service with confidence.

Battery Terminal Cleaning

Corroded battery terminals can be a contributing factor to lackluster battery performance. First, you will want to ensure your new battery is functioning at peak performance by having your battery tested by a Lube Motors technician. Once a faulty battery is ruled out our technicians will inspect your battery terminals to identify if they are corroded or rusted. If a battery terminal cleaning is due our technicians will then clean and remove corrosion from your vehicle’s battery terminal and cable ends. We’re big on preventive maintenance and will apply an anti-corrosion spray to guard against future corrosion.

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